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"My images come from my desire to preserve beautiful and important moments in my life and the lives of the people I work with."
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The most beautiful image I have ever captured I did so in 1979 while on the sunrise ferry which goes to Shelter Island out off Long Island. It was of the sunrise, a sunrise so gloriously painted that I was compelled to create a memory with my Kodak 110 Instamatic Camera. I love that image. I only wish I could find it again!! Just goes to show, photography is not necessarily about education and equipment so much as it is about chance and opportunity. The chance and opportunity to make happy memories for folks as well as myself, and on unfortunate occasions, necessary memories, yet memories nonetheless. With my camera, I capture moments in time which are enshrined as memories the moment my shutter opens and closes, and each time it is an instant not to be repeated again, therefore making it a special moment.

Whether it be the look of a blushing new bride as she gazes into her husband's eyes or the moment my lens connects with a baby's innocent gaze or the horizon over the Catskill Mountains from 1,600' in the air or even the moment a bumblebee alights on a flower, it's legs gingerly poised on the petal. All these experiences and more have I been favored with. To be a photographer is to be a cataloger of the wonders of creation as well as the works and interactions of human beings. It's what I enjoy doing and I feel that because I enjoy it, I do it well. My clients seem to agree. I could bore you with a page full of testimonials but instead I'll just put this single voicemail left by a client one day. Press the player below to hear what he had to say...
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